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As lovers of nature and countryside we have settled in Paljakka because it is in the original and multifarious unique. We are very lucky we could choose the place for our NATURE POINT.

Visitors marvel at the wonderful flora, ferns, mosses and lichen. The area is rich in high quality wild berries and mushrooms.

The NATURE RESERVE PALJAKKA has been a forestry conservation area since 1956 and boasts the oldest spruce forests in Finland. Most of the 3000 ha. Area is untouched and is therefore one of the last European primeval forests. One marked track allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A separate area, currently used for research, can be wandered through at will. The wildlife is very rich and spectacular.

Here live also brown bears, lynxes, foxes, wolverines and sometimes wolves. Moose, forest reindeers, beavers, and flying squirrels. Bird lovers will discover among others willow grouses, black grouses, capercaillies, hazel grouses, owls, whooper swans, granes, divers, goldeneyes, siberian jay.