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The Pasvik Trail 300km in Norway was our last race this season. Alex place 3rd in the 8 dog class. Here is a video of the race. Enjoy!







Another video from our trails here in Paljakka. Enjoy!







Here is a little video of our new sleddog generation. Enjoy!


Here you can see all pupps, from left to right is: Snoopy, Grisu, Nanga with Alex on the leash, Wiggo, Nukka, Cosmo, Arrluk and Desna;















Mother bear with 4 cubs on the bearwatching place. Itīs really rare that bears have 4 cubs, but it seems that she manage it very well.


This young Moose at Kirkaspuro was captured by our scout-camera.










Daniel is here calming Alexīs lead dogs Halvar and Menja. The start is an exiting place. 55 Teams, over 500 dogs are anxious to go.



The checkpoint is a busy place. The dogs are eating and resting. The mushers are preparing food, massaging the four leged athletes, repairing the sleds... 















Last weekend Alex and Daniel did compete with our Huskies at the Ruuna Race in Lieksa. The racedistance was 42km on three days. Our dogs did run great and we had a lot of fun.
Daniel placed 3rd in the 12 dog class and Alex placed 4th in the 6 dog class.

Here two videos about the raceweekend:






Here is a nice video from Stefan and Brenda who were visiting our place in January.





Halvar and Wicki in lead, Mirri, Nanga, Zelda, Loki, Aldo and Nita at the finish line.


Here a couple of pictures of todays Kirkaspurotour.




























Finnish Champion!

Last weekend Alex won the finnish sleddog championshiprace 2x42km
6 dog class in Lieksa Carelia.

In the Team ran:

Ronin Claudio
Mirri   Tom
Durin  Menja

It was great fun to run with this crazy fast team. It was the first race for young Claudio and Tom and they did a great job. Unfornutaly Claudio had a light sore front leg on sunday morning, so he stayed at camp on the 2nd run. His leg is already fine and he is running in the team again. 

Here is a link to the interview of Alex from the race.













Bonzo, Arik and Kaila show the little ones how to do it.












Zelda, Isla, Nanga, Puma & Pedro full speed ahead.



























  Here they are 1 day old.





















Yuki & Nita







































Our puppies have become sleddogs!!! Here is a little video of their 5th training infront of the sled.





Last weekend Alex and Daniel were with our dogs at the Eastpoint open 300km sleddograce in Lieksa. It went quite well, Daniel was 2nd in the 8 dog class and Alex placed 2nd in open class.

Here is a onboard video of Alex race.






Here a video from our 72km training run. Enjoy!















Today we had a nice ride with the huskies. These days are the shortest of the year, but we are lucky to see the sun.




Finally we made our facebook page today under the name Nature Point Paljakka




Odd autumn. First we got snow, then it melted away and now itīs cold with only very little snow.

The youngsters enjoyed the trip to our lake which is now nicely frozen.

Wiggo looks for the cameraman.




Nangas puppies are now old enough to explore the world outside the house.



Puppy time!
Nanga`s puppies were born two days ago. She got 6 males and 2 females. The father is Roger. Now she has all her paws full of work, but she takes great care of them.


Puppy today... leader tomorrow!



Here are some new pictures of the wildlife we made last week.



A nice White-tailed Eagel, also at the bearwatching place.










Here is now 24 hours daylight, plenty of time to do all kind of activities.






Last weekend we drove with our huskies to Kirkenes Norway to participate in the Pasvik Trail sleddograce. The race was 300km long with 2 checkpoints in between. Alex did start in the open class and Daniel in the 8 dog class.

Our main goal was to get race experience for our young dogs and enjoy the nice trip through the Pasvik wilderness.

Daniel placed 5th out of 27 Teams, which is very good considering the young age of our dogs. Alex stopped his race in the 2nd checkpoint after some dogs didnīt eat so well in the checkpoint.

On the trail. The trail was not always that easy there were also some very nice hills.


Daniels Team at the finishline. The heroes are Zelda, Claudio, Roger, Nanga, Pedro, Puma, Tom, Mirri. It took 1 day 4 hours and 39 minutes (includes the 10 hours rest at the checkpoints) for the 300km.
Here is the link from the race 










We have a new e-mail adress.




Last weekend we competed in the Eastpoint Open 230km finnish championchip race in north Carelia. It was very beautiful and cold -25C - -34C. Our huskys did run great and Daniel finished in 3rd place. It was the first race for 5 dogs in the team and it was suprising how well they did in the race.  














-10C, 75cm snow, a huskyteam, and even a little bit of sun on the horizon, what else do you need!!!








Full speed ahead!

After a very warm atumn the real winter is here for little bit over one week now. We have 35cm snow at the moment. Our huskies can do what they love most - pull the sled...












In autumn the swamps appear very mystical, sometimes colorful, sometimes misty... with luck you might see differnt animals like this curious hawk owl. 





Our huskytraining is in full swing now, the days are getting shorter and colder. That are good signs that the winter is not far anymore.









Here some amateurfotos :) of a new generation of wildlife.

This summer there are a lot of little bears following their mothers to the bearwatching place.  Its aways great fun to watch the babybears play.

Below a Kestrel. Still to shy to fly of the nest.






The white landscape of the winter has changed to a colourful spring.

Kajaking and kanuing are good ways to discover the rivers and lakes around around Paljakka. 
























Here are some pictures of the beautiful winter we have now.







Kailas puppies are now 7 1/2 months old and start to make there first trips pulling a sled. Itīs fun to watch the little ones become real sleddogs.






Some pictures of today's little wilderness tour with the dogs (43km).







Finally we succeeded to make a picture with all five puppies.  

This week we got also the first snow, few centimeters for the beginning.




Pedro, the pretty boy.




Kaila's puppies are now 8 weeks old.

It's quite difficult to get all five on one picture, but we keep on trying.







Nice summer impressions from landscape and wildlife.










Kaila's first litter was born on the 30th of June and all went fine.

She got 4 females and 1 male. The father of the puppies is Hayden, Yukon Quest and Iditarod champion. We will see if the puppies will become superstars too...




             And here the little ones are 5 days old.





Our summer season has started with all the activities.









The spring is coming with big steps.

The young dogs have a joyful time in the warm sun and cold snow.



















Loki, the king of the hill.

It's time for them to discover the big snowy world.







Finnish champion!

Daniel drove our dogteam to Finnish championship gold medal in the six dog class long distance ( 130 km ) in Lieksa Carelia.

In the team was running:
lead: Ronin & Kaila
         Durin & Mirri
         Halvar & Menja

The trail was very soft and slow but the
dogs did a superb job and finished in
8:43:35. After a tight competition we could finish three minutes ahead of second placed Jaakko Raunio.

The young dogteam looked still strong at the finish and were eager to continue the journey.